MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — November 1, 2007 – Google, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced the release of OpenSocial — a set of common APIs for building social applications across the web — for developers of social applications and websites that want to add social features. OpenSocial will unleash more powerful and pervasive social capabilities for the web, empowering developers to build far-reaching applications that users can enjoy regardless of the websites, web applications, or social networks they use. The release of OpenSocial marks the first time that multiple social networks have been made accessible under a common API to make development and distribution easier and more efficient for developers.The proliferation of unique APIs across dozens of social websites is forcing developers to choose which ones to write applications for – and then spend their time writing separately for each. OpenSocial gives developers of social applications a single set of APIs to learn for their application to run on any OpenSocial-enabled website. By providing these simple, standards-based technologies, OpenSocial will speed innovation and bring more social features to more places across the web. Users win too: they get more interesting, engaging, or useful features faster. Continue Reading »


Ayudha Pooja

Ayudha Pooja

After being in Mauritius  for almost 5 years, its a bit emotional and hard to leave the paradise island and i hope i will be back some time or the other,

I spent few hours trying to go to some of my favourite places and dwell upon the memories, here are quite a few such places

People : Jia Kaleem Shamveel Pushpa aunty, Vimala, Danny

Caudan Waterfront in the nights

Roller Skating at Shopright

My Pets


Well this was an emotional (kind of farewell) party for me organized by my dear colleagues of CSE Department. It was a kind of warm get together. Almost everyone made it a point to come and see me before i left for India. i was deeply moved by the gesture of my colleagues who gave me all the emotional support during the hard time i was having due to the sudden ill health of my dear dad.

H ere are some snaps taken on the day of the tea party

Tea Party


Finally moved to Linux

Finally i am a Linux guy :), After years of hesitation of moving towards linux, i finally installed linux on my laptop Sony Vaio. Linux is not bad, it has progressed in leaps and  bounds and a far cry from the text based scenario a few years ago.

It was time for me to move to open source world  :). I must thank my group of friends for influencing me into becoming a linux guy. The foremost of all is Avinash who is holding the flagship  for Linux, amongst thereremaining we have pascal, begum, anwar and kavi who are using the KUBUNTU.

Well my experience with KUBUNTU is just one day old and already i begun to like it. There are a few issues to take care of with respect to the drivers for certain keys, but i am sure i will be able to find the appropriateones for the volume control, brightness control and the monitor swap keys.

Perhaps later on will add my experience 🙂

It was time to take a well deserved break from the hectic schedule at the university. we decided to go on trekking on Monday 10th September 2007.

Hmmm, we had a list of mountains to trek: Continue Reading »

Kal jab mile thhe….
to dil mein hua ek sound.
Aur aaj mile to kehte hain…
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