This week has seen a lot significant developments in the domain of web browsers. Indeed the browser war is hottening up with the release of Internet Explorer 8.0, FireFox 3.0 (UBIQUITY 0.1.1 about which i mentioned in my last post) and the release of Google Chrome.

Being a die hard googler ^_^, i installed the google Chrome browser and made it my default browser. Installation process was fast and quick with the use of a the Google application downloader. Upon downloading, there was a brief setup screen and with a single click of Start Google Chrome, the clutter free Google Chrome Interface is encountered.

After playing around with it for a couple of moments,  the only phrase  i can use to describe is OUTSTANDING & CLUTER FREE!!! The most striking feature of the browser from Google : CHROME is that it has been built from scratch Continue Reading »



With the rapid development of web, there has been a high degree of disconnectivity between various pieces of information. The need for having a natural language functionality has always been there to improve our browsing  experience, to change the way we see the data on the web pages.

Mozilla has come up with a natural language tool named UBIQUITY ver 0.1 for their browser. Though the product is in infancy stage, it provides a glimpse of the enormous capabilities it can provide. It makes an attempt to provide a universal interface which enables the users to do some of the common web tasks with focus on ease of use and faster execution.

I have installed UBIQUITY 0.1 and its fantastic, i can paste the map in my email, perform data lookups, email articles from webpages directly to friends, translate from one language to another and many more tasks. Continue Reading »

ICEMC2 2008

Third  Innovative Conference on Embedded Systems, Mobile Communication and Computing, August 11-14, 2008, Infosys, Mysore, India

The Conference was a good experience where i could interact with various experts most notably Srinivas Sampalli from Dalhousie University Canada.

The Conference was organized by Organized by Mobile Communication and  Networking Center of Excellence (MCNC), PESIT. The venue was the impressive Infosys Campus, Mysore.




Two papers were presented at this Conference namely

  • Power Conscious MAC Protocol (PCMP) for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
  • Smooth MAC layer Handoff in Hierarchical Mobile Ipv6

– Kavi Kumar Khedo, UOM & Dilip Kumar Maripuri, PESSE



August Month was the marriage season for our family !!!!. My sister Ramya got married on the magical date 08-08-08 unfortunately the muhurtham time count not be found at 08:08, else it would have been 08-08-08; 08:08. 🙂

It wa a wonderful occasion for all the family members to get together. you can catch all the action on the Wedsite.

Another Sister’s wedding is coming up on 21st August 2008. 🙂


International Conference on Advances in Information and Communication Technologies, December 28 – 30, Manipal Institute Of Technology, Manipal, India

Event Profile
International Conference on Advances in Information and Communication Technologies, ICICOT, provides an ideal platform for representatives from IT industry, academia and government agencies to share views, discuss about products, and report findings. The conference helps in understanding the future of cutting edge information & communication technologies. The theme of ICICOT conference would be “Pervasive and Secure Computing”.

The highlights of the ICICOT conference include invited talks, vendor exhibitions, experience reports, tutorials, contributed papers, poster presentations and panel discussions.

The paper CASARP – A Multi Agent based Virtual Secretary was presented at this conference.



As the we have seen over past couple of years, there are a large number of social networks springing up every now and then. There is a fierce competition to own up this space of social networks. The latest tug of war witnessed was between Microsoft and Google with Microsoft picking up a major stake in the facebook network. But little did all of us know google’s motive to pick up the minor stake despite of microsoft’s win —— launching the mother of all social networks – OpenSocialStuff.com which gives a platform for developers to create variety of applications for the social networks which join Open Social.
Continue Reading »